Amazon Prime members now have access to unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of more than 5,000 movies and TV shows via the Amazon Instant Video channel on Roku. This new Amazon Prime benefit is being added at no additional cost - Amazon Prime membership will continue to be $79 per year. The Prime Instant Video Service is part of the Amazon Instant Video channel already installed on all Roku players today. Simply click on the Amazon Instant Video channel on Roku and look for the Prime Instant Video tile. Follow the prompts to start enjoying free, unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows right on your TV via Roku.

For customers who are not Prime members, or who are looking to instantly purchase or rent movies and TV shows, Amazon offers Amazon Instant Video. Amazon Instant Video is a streaming video service that provides more than 100,000 titles including new release movies, TV shows the day after they air, as well as contemporary and classic videos in SD and HD. Customers can instantly watch movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video or Prime instant video on a Mac, PC or directly on a TV with any of the 300 compatible devices.

If Amazon could add 5M paying Prime members this year, they would generate nearly a billion dollars in revenue from about 10M Prime members. That's a lot of money they can then use to license content and Amazon would very quickly be at half of Netflix's subscriber count. While some of the money from Prime would have to go to offset the cost of shipping physical goods, numbers I have heard suggest that Amazon'sPrime members buy more than 4x more goods than non Prime members. As a long time Prime member myself, I can say that definitely rings true since I always check Amazon first knowing I get free shipping.


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